The “Hunger Games” the Never-Ending Daily Suffering of Our World, Part I

These "hunger games" are complex and difficult to eradicate from one day to another, but they can be solved. Everything is possible, and it starts with holding our governments accountable. The pattern we see is the corrupt governments that do little to help their countries, as soon as they are elected, they steal and disappear, and these countries remain immersed in never-ending hunger games.

Central America’s Food Systems and Agriculture Can Help Minimize the Effects of El Niño and Feed 9 Billion People by 2050

An essay about Food Systems in Latin America Hugo Alexander Moran Chavez Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication 129A Four Towers Building University of Georgia Athens, GA Presented in the Fall of 2016; updated and published on April 2018 Food systems is a crucial topic for International Agriculture Development. It is a complex... Continue Reading →

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