Daufuskie Island, a Hidden Paradise in South Carolina

by Hugo A. Morán Chávez| August 6, 2018

Few people know that not far from the famous island of Hilton Head in South Carolina lays a hidden paradise just waiting to be discovered. This paradise is Daufuskie Island. Just across Hilton Head Island, this island has so much to offer you will never want to leave. There is so much to see that at least a week is required to enjoy the island and discover all of its treasures.

Exotic Animals

One of the most memorable experiences were the exotic animals that this beautiful island lets us admired and enjoyed. You would think that in a remote island of the coast of South Carolina you wouldn’t find any deer? Wrong! They were not the slightest bit afraid of humans due to the lack of hunting and increase of human interaction. Please refer to the end of this article for some of the animals we saw that made our visit enjoyable.

Daufuskie Island, SC



Of course, history was part of our visit. We stood where in 1715 the Yemassee Indians and European settlers fought for the control of the island and history says that the southernmost point of Daufuskie Island ran red with blood, therefore earning its name of the bloody point. For more on this topic refer to http://www.bloodypointresort.com/history/




Beach, Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Daufuskie Island was the perfect place for Kayaking and Paddleboarding. The beaches were impressive, and because so few people visit the island, it felt like we had the beach all to ourselves.

Daufuski Island

Daufuskie Island


The Historic Churches, Light House, and More

One of the Historic Churches was the First Union African American Church. The architecture was simple but impressive and rich in history.


Another amazing place to visit was the very first church ever constructed


The Bloody point lighthouse also was rich in history. This house now without the original tower, was the guide of the island. Built in 1883, as the front light of the Daufuskie range light. This Lighthouse would guide captains navigating the shoals of the Island. This house now doesn’t have the original light tower but it remains as a reminder of the glorious past of the island.



The 300-year-old Oak Tree

Of the many things that have been lost and destroyed by time, one remains intact: an impressive 300-year-old Oak tree that has survived not only the test of time but hurricanes as well. Standing under the tree and just imagining all the events and history this tree has lived through was something we will never forget. If you visit the island, take the time to explore this tree and appreciate its beauty and its history.




This will be a vacation we will never forget. Here are some thoughts of the rest of the team.

“I thought the island was beautiful; it was quiet, peaceful, and lots of wildlife. I enjoyed the Lucy Bells Café, they were very nice and had great food. Most of all I was there with all my family, and we had a wonderful time together.”


Exotic Animals

Daufuski Island

Daufuski Island

Daufuski Island

Daufuski Island

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