Monroe, Georgia, Small but Memorable

By Hugo Alexander Morán Chávez

Monroe, Georgia is a beautiful Southern town that provides to the visitors a spectacular mix of historical buildings and delicious southern food. Located just 2 hours East of Atlanta and in the heart of Walton County, it is the home of diversity, shopping, dining, and history. Not only Monroe is a beautiful southern town but also, a perfect destination to spend the weekend with family and friends.

As you enter the heart of the city, you will be completely shocked by the beauty of the Courthouse. With its beautiful brick design, this historic courthouse will take your breath away not only for its beauty but also for its history; if you stop and read closely and ask around, you will soon find out that this historic courthouse has been there since the Walton County Foundation in 1818.

Courthouse, Walton County, GA

Monroe, Georgia Courthouse. A beautiful shot, taken at the time the dogwood trees were blooming.

Soon after you get closer to the courthouse, the Walton County Confederate Monument will steal your attention. Erected just a few feet from the courthouse, it commemorates the citizens of Walton County  who fought in the civil war, “TO OUR CONFEDERATE DEAD.”

Walton County Confederate Monument

Walton County Confederate Monument

Walton County Confederate Monument

Walton County Confederate Monument and the Courthouse

Stop and take a look at the Courthouse, you will be impressed with its beauty, and if you pay close attention, you can discover details that are difficult to notice by passersby.

Courthouse, Walton County, GA

This angle of the courthouse is facing north, and it provides space where visitors can sit and enjoy the view and even provides barbecue areas.

Courthouse, Walton County, GA

This corner meets both, North and East and around 6 p.m. will provide the guests a stunning sunset scene.

Courthouse, Walton County, GA

This is the front of the Courthouse, radiant and full of color

As you explore the city, you will find different historic buildings and places. Here are some of the ones my team and I visited and left us shocked of how history still runs through the city. Remember to make a stop at the Walton Cotton Mill Company that once manufactured textiles. Which now serves as a large antique mall with a myriad of historical artifacts available for purchase. As you walk through this old building, you will be stunned by the history and charm of the site. Visitors near our team mentioned that the history and of this icon company goes more than 120 years.

The Walton Cotton Mill Company

The Walton Cotton Mill Company Building full with history and beauty

Cotton Gin Machine

As you walk away from the building, you will find a very old cotton gin that once served to separate cotton from its seed

Cotton Gin Machine

The Cotton Gin machine from The Continental Gin Co that was used to separate cotton from its seed

Do not forget to try some restaurants during your visit, we cannot tell you exactly which one is the best one, but we can say the team’s choice for the best restaurant while touring the city. Below is a picture of our favorite restaurant in Monroe, Georgia with the sunset and the water tank behind it.

Butcher Block Restaurant

The Butcher Block, our pick for favorite restaurant in Monroe, GA

Lastly, as we were leaving we spot an old train track near Social Circle, and it reminded us of the glorious days when trains helped move coal and cotton across the Southeast of the US.

Old Train Tracks

Old train tracks in Monroe, GA

Our conclusion of this amazing town is that you can have everything you want in one small city: history, shopping, dining, diversity, and most importantly, the southern charm of the people.


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